Clef Notes: Music Festivals


You will NEVER see me happier than when I’m dancing like a fool at a music festival.  There’s just something about being totally immersed in the music as thousands of people move to the same beat.  Even walking to and from stages, as I pass through other songs, I can’t help but to shuffle along my way as my group navigates through the crowds. People are totally free to be themselves at festivals… dress how they want, dance how they want, roll in squad deep or wander solo and meet new people.  Everyone is brought together to listen to and FEEL the music.

I tend to prefer EDM festivals such as: TomorrowWorld (2014 and 2015), Electric Zoo, Electric Daisy Carnival, and Moonrise to name a few.  The atmosphere of the crowds is typically welcoming, you may have heard the word PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity and Respect) from someone who’s been to a EDM show.  I’ve also gone to Made In America in Philly this past summer, which hosted a variety of genres and artists. But it definitely didn’t have the same festival culture that I crave.

TomorrowWorld in Atlanta, GA was my favorite festival, particularly 2014. It was my first camping experience and it set the bar extremely high.  The weather was perfect, the stages were amazing and the artists were incredible.  One could argue that the best part of TomorrowWorld was definitely DreamVille.  Where you could return to your home base for the weekend and recap your day, visit other campsites, continue to dance or just kick back and relax.  But not much compares to the feels you’d get when you approach main stage for the first time.  Taking it all in would be equally overwhelming and exhilarating!

I have a few on my bucket list that I would love to attend… TomorrowLand, EDC Vegas and Electric Forrest are next for me.

What are some of your favorite festival moments?

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