Clef Notes: The Rave Scene

Glitter, tutus, lights, glitter, fluffies, pasties, crazy dancing... have I mentioned glitter?

Clef Notes: Injuries

No matter how small an injury can be devastating; whether you're an athlete, a professional or a stay at home parent.  It impacts physical progress and an individuals morale.  Maybe it's not a new injury... but pain from a previous incident that lingers in the body. The person essentially needs to adapt to allow their... Continue Reading →

Clef Notes: Motivation

Happy New Year!! As I'm sure many people have set resolutions and have started working towards their goals of 2018.  I've been sitting back and reflecting on my past and future goals. Repetition and consistency are how you achieve... but sometimes it becomes difficult to remain creative and motivated to make sure the work doesn't... Continue Reading →

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