Clef Notes: Fitness

First off… I’m not a coach or a certified trainer.  I try to make working out and practicing healthy nutrition habits a big part of my life. For some reason I enjoy the pain of picking heavy things up and putting them down repetitively…

Going to the gym is therapeutic for me, especially when the it’s nice and quiet in there and I can spend some time on the squat rack.  It wasn’t until one of my best friends encouraged me and trained me to compete in my first show in May 2017.  I didn’t think I had it in me to commit to the diet or commit to the gym 6 times a week at minimum. The payout? The picture on the bottom and a few trophies. Plus it’s kind of badass to say I’m a body builder.

Most people don’t understand competitive body building, they don’t think it’s a real sport. “So all you do is stand on a stage and a group of people decide who looks best? And you can’t eat pizza for HOW long?!”  Cutting before a show makes for some miserable and hungry people.  As soon as you finish eating one meal you’re thinking about the next. Women in particular get a lot of backlash in this sport. More traditional people view this as masculine and unattractive for a woman to be so muscular.  But, the reward of standing on that stage after sacrificing family dinners, friend hangouts, wine and free time, is indescribable and empowering.  I would like to compete again, and I continue to work out and try to eat as “clean” as possible… but I do LOVE my pizza and wine! haha

Music is a huge part of anyone’s workout.  I particularly enjoy listening to sets on Soundcloud posted by DJs that I like… The hour (or more) of non-stop music flowing from song to song helps me keep focus and keep a rhythm of my workouts. Sometimes I can’t help but bop around the gym when the real dirty beats drop.

What are some of your favorite workouts or clean recipes to make?? Any particular music you listen to while you’re working on your gainzzz?? 😛



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