Clef Notes: Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Wow… I mean I knew the show was going to be good, but I have to say that the performance that the Trans-Siberian Orchestra puts on is jaw dropping. People have mentioned to me in the past that it’s a show that I definitely have to attend and they were right! If you haven’t had a chance to see them, please make it an event for next years’ holiday activities! The tickets were gifts to my mom and I from my boyfriend. We saw them the weekend before Christmas at the Wells Fargo Center in South Philly.

The production of the show was incredible! Parts of the stage were designed to lift and other parts dropped. The performers would play their instruments on a catwalk that was suspended above the audience. The light and laser show was on the level of going to a festival; although the person controlling the lights would sometimes loose the rhythm of the music and would be off by a beat or so. There were several screens which would flash graphics and help the crew illustrate their story they told throughout the show.

The energy of the performers was through the roof! They were all dressed as if they were in an 80’s hair metal band. They would literally run from one end of the stage and back, through the crowd to another platform that was on the far side of the arena. Unlike a traditional orchestra, there wasn’t one director, the “Manager” of the music was playing keyboards and also directing the performers. The main stars of the show would sort of keep the beat of their own groups.

The staff at the venue was so nice, from the security at the front door to the ushers inside the arena. I’m sure this event was a breeze for them considering it was mostly families and they’re probably used to dealing with the rowdy Philadelphia Sports Fanatics. Logistics getting to and leaving the venue is always a little hairy. The Philly sports complex sits right next to the on and off ramps to I-95 which is one of the main highways of the city, so it pays to know how to navigate around that area for the easiest pick up and drop off points. The subway isn’t a far walk if you don’t want the aggravation of parking or sitting in traffic.

Overall it was a great experience. An enthusiastic 5 star review from me, my boyfriend and my mom.

Have you been to any amazing shows lately?

TSO Stage


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