Clef Notes: Motivation

Happy New Year!!

As I’m sure many people have set resolutions and have started working towards their goals of 2018.  I’ve been sitting back and reflecting on my past and future goals. Repetition and consistency are how you achieve… but sometimes it becomes difficult to remain creative and motivated to make sure the work doesn’t outweigh the end goal.

I’ve struggled lately to remain motivated to work out… without a competition scheduled and the winter in full effect, it’s hard to concern myself with going to the gym and eating healthy.  Maybe it’s just a matter of switching up my routine, a different type of training, a different menu, etc. Boxing seems like it would be a great workout and something to freshen up my routine of lifting weights and regular cardio.  Getting punched in the face doesn’t exactly seem pleasant though…

It’s easy to start to coast through life.  Hit auto pilot and just go through the motions of working, eating and sleeping.  But without working towards a goal, what’s the point?  There should be personal successes to celebrate, something to excite YOU.  That’s part of the reason I created this blog… to work towards something that could be exciting. Disappointment and failure tend to push people away from trying, but the reward of success is that much more meaningful after you’ve failed a few times.

What do you do to stay motivated and work towards your goals?

And a photo of my comfy kitties who’ve lost motivation to do anything besides snuggling with their day. 🙂


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