Clef Notes: Injuries

No matter how small an injury can be devastating; whether you’re an athlete, a professional or a stay at home parent.  It impacts physical progress and an individuals morale.  Maybe it’s not a new injury… but pain from a previous incident that lingers in the body. The person essentially needs to adapt to allow their body to heal.  Most importantly, give it enough time so you heal, which can get in the way if you have plans for any type of event (athletic or otherwise).  Maybe they can’t walk for 6 weeks, they’re wrapped up in a cast that can’t get wet. Hopefully there’s someone around that can assist with the daily necessities.

Injuries inevitably effect those who are surrounded by the person who’s hurt… Imagine a couple and one of them rolls their ankle.  Their partner has to pick up the slack while they’re out of commission. But think of how an injury can impact a city… I was born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia. The Eagles have not had many exciting years. Then this year they’re showing REAL potential. When the news came out about Wentz’s knee… you could feel the panic in your stomach. Even if you’re not a Philly sports fan, if Carson was part of your fantasy football lineup you’d experience the same feeling. (Positive thoughts to Wentz and the Eagles)

In my experience most injuries happen while doing mundane tasks. It’s not when you hit a new PR at the gym, it’s not when you’re running up the steps, but it’s when you’re re-racking your weights, getting out of the shower, or taking the trash out and you didn’t notice the tools on the ground. Sometimes the stories can even be entertaining, depending of course on how serious the injury is.

For me, it’s arthritis in my lower back. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about that. However, luckily, regular exercise can keep the arthritis in check. In fact, if there’s a stretch of time that I’m not able to get to the gym regularly I can feel the pain in my spine start to act up. But now there are things that I used to love to do that I’m nervous to do again.

Everyone’s gone through some type of injury… Drop a comment below on how an injury has gotten in your way of some goals!

Be safe out there! 🙂


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