Clef Notes: The Rave Scene

Glitter, tutus, lights, glitter, fluffies, lasers, pasties, crazy dancing… have I mentioned glitter? To someone that has never been to a rave, the assumption is drugs, sex and loud music. Sometimes the assumption is spot on. For the people that frequent the scene it’s MUCH more.  A community of people that get lost in the music, people who go out of their way for strangers, an environment that embodies PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity and Respect).

Why do I rave? Well I’ve mentioned in a few posts how much I love to dance. A rave is a place where you can be your true self and totally forget about real life for a couple of hours. In the real world, people almost go out of their way to avoid social interaction. But once that music is pumping through the speakers dance circles form with people who’ve never met each other before. Random strangers approach each other to compliment their outfits, their dance moves or just initiate a playful dance off. No one is ever alone at a rave; everyone looks out for each other. If someone seems like they’re not having a good time, or maybe they’ve had a little too much, people will calmly approach him/her just to talk, offer some water or just stand near them to keep them company. There’s a true sense of comradery. I’ve met people at shows and festivals that have remained close friends of mine. If only people were so supportive of each other in the real world.

Going to a rave is different for everyone. For instance, some people spend MONTHS preparing outfits for festivals or shows. The makeup alone could take hours to do. In fact, some people have created alter egos for the rave scene and have huge followings on social media. Women walk in with gems, glitter, tutus, LED lights and shoes you can’t imagine walking in on a level floor, let alone a dance floor or festival grounds. I’ve met people that have gone to festivals by themselves just to meet new people. You also find people that go to shows to practice their art: hula hooping, flame dancing, gloving (light shows) or shuffling. And of course… there are the people that go to find love… and sometimes they’re successful! But, above all else, we go for the music!

I am a music lover and will continue to seek out new sounds and follow the vibrations of the bass. Regardless of the genre, the music scene is diverse and a great vacation from life’s everyday routine. To my fellow ravers out there, Rave Safe!

How do you find ways to escape your everyday life?




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