Clef Notes: Tom Segura at Meriam Theater, Philadelphia

Stand-up comedy is one of my favorite forms of entertainment.  I could listen to comedians for hours; not just performing but podcasts, shows like Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, etc. When I heard Tom Segura was coming to town I was SUPER excited to get a chance to see him live. I’ve always enjoyed his stand-up specials, his podcast or even when makes guest appearances on other shows.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to commit to buying a ticket too far in advance until I knew I would have off from work.  Tickets wound up selling out pretty quickly and I thought I missed my opportunity, however, a few days before he came through the city a fourth show was added additional tickets were released and I didn’t hesitate to grab a ticket before they sold out again.

The Meriam Theater is located right on Broad Street in the Avenue of the Arts district of Center City. If you’re going to a performance like this it’s pretty likely you’ll be at one of the theaters that’s on this strip. The inside of the venue is similar to other theaters; outdated floral carpets and wall paper, sconces and huge chandeliers. The inside of the theater could definitely use some TLC. There’s a lot of dust build up on the fixtures and walls, especially around air vents on the ceiling. The ceiling also has elaborate molding and painting which ends up looking kind of gross when it’s caked with years’ worth of dust and dirt. The employees were courteous, helpful and friendly. Despite the large crowd, the employees showed everyone to their seats quickly and if there were lines for beverages or refreshments they moved fast.

We were ushered to our seats about a half hour before show time. The show started right on time with the opening act doing about 20 minutes. Tom came out immediately after and performed for about an hour. The best part was it was all new material! If you were familiar with his specials, it was an act that you expected from him but with jokes you hadn’t heard before.  It also seemed like Tom was really enjoying performing for Philly, which made me appreciate the experience even more.  Towards the end of the show, which was the last of 4 over two days, he almost lost track of time and I think he even went past the hour mark.  I was really happy I bought that last minute ticket and got to see one of my favorites! If you have a chance to get to see him I would highly suggest it!

In a few weeks I’ll be heading back to the Meriam Theater to see Shen Yun with a few of my sisters and my Mom and I’m really looking forward to it!

Until next time, keep laughing!img_0641

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