Isolation Chronicles Pt. 1

Reflecting on childhood memories which has trained me to entertain myself.

Clef Notes: Chanticleer Gardens

Location: Wayne, PA When’s the last time you’ve stopped and smelled the metaphorical (or real) roses?  Have you taken some time to slow things down and appreciate your surroundings?  Head to a museum, local zoo, aquarium, or garden?  A few weeks ago, a friend and I had visited Chanticleer Gardens in Wayne, PA.  Not a... Continue Reading →

Clef Notes: My Family

I'm so blessed to say that I come from a large family who all support and love each other unconditionally.  We're a tight-knit group that would go above and beyond for each other no questions asked. When we're able to all get together it's constant laughter, dancing, singing and tears of joy. The inspiration of... Continue Reading →

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